Custom Metal Signs

At Neon Week, we specialize in custom metal signs for a variety of applications. This includes signage for business branding, outdoor signage, office décor, or personalized objects. We can produce a variety of custom metal signs that cater to various needs, from logo signs and commercial branding to various decorative elements for public and commercial spaces and homes.

Neon Week - Where Metal Takes Form to Make Powerful Impressions

A well-made custom metal aluminum sign can be a very powerful tool. It is not just for displaying a name or a message—it can help you create a visual legacy that leaves a lasting impression or enables you to reflect your unique style. At Neon Week, we make personalized aluminum metal signs that are not just signage but stunning pieces of art built to endure for generations. No matter what matte, size, or design you want, we are here to make it happen for you.

A Touch of Nostalgia for Your Home or Business with a Custom Metal Sign

Get a custom metal sign made for your kitchen, garage, or home pub, and enjoy being greeted by a personalized sign that captures the essence of the olden days or refreshes the mood every time. 

We can make contemporary and vintage-inspired designs that evoke a sense of comfort or warmth and take you back to simpler times or perk up the mood. 

Considering a metal sign for your business? They enable you to create a welcoming atmosphere—be it a coffee shop, pub, hotel, motorcycle shop, or any other kind of business. These signs are perfect for every kind of business. 

They not only add a touch of character but also offer a unique medium of advertising, enabling you to represent your brand personality with a timeless appeal.

Modern Durability with Classic Charm

No rusted, weathered signs here. With Neon Week, you get the best of both worlds- the charm of vintage aesthetics and the long-lasting durability of modern materials. Our custom metal signs are made from quality metal options to ensure they withstand the elements and remain bright and appealing for years to come.

We offer a variety of finishes to suit your taste and use fade-resistant ink to ensure your design remains clear and crisp whether you display it indoors or outdoors.

Make a Sign as Unique as You Are

Mass produced signs are limiting, which is why we offer customization. We empower you to bring your vision to life. Browse our collection of customizable designs or upload your own artwork or design to have a custom metal sign that is unique and yours entirely.

 We feature a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize every aspect of your sign, from the shape and sizes to colors and even text.

If you are looking for a truly personalized experience, we can collaborate and help you refine your ideas. 

We help you ensure the sign is the correct size for your space. We can even create a 3D digital rendering so you can visualize the sign before it is made and tweak it if needed. 

Why Choose Us for Custom Metal Signs?

Our focus on quality is not limited to the materials we use. We employ a collaborative process, work closely with you to understand your vision for your bespoke metal sign, and ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations.

Precision in laser-cutting

We employ cutting-edge technology to ensure that intricate designs are made with incredible details, down to the 1/1000th of an inch.

Superior color output

We use an in-house powder-coating process to create a stunning and durable finish with an extensive color selection to complement your style.

Premium dimensional designs

We do not just make flat signs. We carefully layer each element to create a fascinating 3D experience and add character and depth to your sign.

Built to last

We make custom metal signs with longevity in mind. We use the finest materials, weatherproof powder coating, and high-quality stainless steel hardware. We guarantee your sign will be a cherished heirloom for generations, whether you want it made for your business or home.

Order your Custom Aluminum Sign Today

Ready to create a lasting statement? Get a free quote today, and let us transform your design idea into a brilliant custom metal sign. Share your ideas, budget, and desired outcome, and we will work tirelessly to create a sign that makes you truly happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a custom logo and font with flat-cut metal?

Certainly! We can make custom graphics, fonts, and logos with flat-cut metal. Please note that the custom logos and fonts are priced by their respective size. We offer different material finishes and color selections. We require vector-based artwork for your logo or font and will provide quotes accordingly.

Will custom metal signs rust due to exposure to ocean weather?

We can make custom metal signs from bronze or aluminum, which is non-iron based and will not corrode or rust due to exposure to humidity and moisture. 

Can you make metal cut letters in various colors?

Yes, the metal cut letters can be chemically treated or painted to bring out the desired color output. We offer a variety of color options of acrylic polyurethane paint (automotive) for you to choose from. The letters are oven-baked after painting. 

Can you make custom metal signs of varying thickness?

Yes, we can accommodate your size and dimensions requirements. If you require a durable and long-lasting sign, we recommend a higher gauge to add depth and strength.