Custom LED Signs

Light up your life with the magic of custom led signs by Neon Week. Explore our extensive range of luminous led signs to pick your choice, or bring your imagination to life with a custom led sign that reflects your vision.


Custom LED Signs: Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Breathe new life into your living space with the fascinating glow of LED! 

Consider transforming a cozy corner of your living room into an exciting, vibrant haven. You can choose a motivational quote that inspires you every day. It could also be your favorite song lyrics to set the mood or a playful design that is a reflection of your personality. We can make personalized LED signs that can become instant conversation starters, spark curiosity, or get onlookers excited. And when it is time to unwind, create a calming ambiance with a sign that features a soothing design and color palette.

Let the soft glow of Custom LED Signs wash over you as you relax in your bedroom or with a good book in a reading nook. At Neon Week, we offer endless possibilities for personalizing your home and creating a truly soothing and unique atmosphere for every occasion.

Design Your Own Sign

Make Every Moment Shine - Celebrate with Custom LED Signs

Turn your celebration into an unforgettable memory with the vibrant magic of custom LED signs.

Imagine the look of joy on your special guests' faces when they see their name or a special message glowing brightly in the form of a personalized neon masterpiece. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or graduation, capture the spirit of the occasion with a playful design or a heartfelt message.

Led Custom Signs are not just beautiful decorations; they can become the heart of the party — a stunning focal point that captures unforgettable pictures. Your guests will love posing in front of the personalized artwork's soft glow, creating memories that they will cherish for years to come. Commemorate an achievement or milestone with a custom LED sign! Mark a milestone in a unique way with a custom sign that is a lasting reminder.

Neon Week Brings Your Vision to Life

  • Browse Our Collection

    Browse our collection of designs to bring out your creativity. Find a design that speaks to you, or use it as a launching pad for your own personalized tweaks.

  • Use Your Design

    Have a specific vision in mind? Upload your own design file and our skilled artisans will make it into a stunning led masterpiece.

  • Create a Custom Design

    Do not have a design file but brimming with ideas? We can work with you to turn your concept into a detailed design for your custom LED Sign.

Create Your Custom Neon Signs with Neon Week

  • Step1: Share your vision by providing your details.

  • Step2: Choose between uploading your own design file, selecting a readymade design, or using our platform to create a custom design.

  • Step3: Specify the dimensions for your custom design to ensure it fits perfectly within the intended space.

  • Step4: Dress up your design- we offer a variety of dressing options, such as borders or back panels, to enhance the look and feel of your design.

  • Step5: Select the installation method and add any additional details.

  • Step6: Submit your request.

LED Custom Signs

Light up your world with the brilliance of custom LED neon signs. At
Neon Week, we offer a modern twist to the classic aesthetic of neon
signs and offer LED neon signs that shine brighter and much longer.
Whether you want to add a touch of personality to your home, create an
eye-catching element for the storefront, a show-stopping centerpiece for
your business, or express yourself in a unique fashion, our custom LED
neon signs are the perfect solution.

The Magic of LED Neon Signs

While conventional glass neon signs have a nostalgic charm, they also have
many drawbacks. They are fragile and prone to breakage and need
professional installation and proper continual maintenance. LED neon
signs, on the other hand, offer a myriad of benefits in terms of
cost-effectiveness and durability.

  • Energy efficient

    Our custom LED neon signs consume a fraction of the energy compared to conventional neon- making them an eco-friendly choice.

  • Safe to use

    Use of safe LED neon technology ensures a safe environment for your home or business- no mercury or hazardous gases.

  • Durable designs

    Made from flexible LED strips encased in clear tubing! These LED neon signs are remarkably lightweight and durable.

  • Cost effective

    LED neon signs are more affordable and allow you to create a vibrant aesthetic without straining your budget.

  • Versatile options

    Choose from a wide range of colors and create dynamic effects or animations to make a custom neon sign that truly stands out.

  • Easy To install

    Come with pre-drilled holes and requisite hardware for easy, hassle-free installation.

Let Your Creativity Shine with Neon Week

Why settle for the ordinary when an extraordinary neon sign is just a few clicks away? Let your creativity shine and express your unique style with our custom neon signs. We will transform your vision into a brilliant, shiny reality. Explore our site and get a free quote for your custom neon sign.